Posted on Apr 23, 2018

One Love Yoga

Are you looking to start your yoga practice? This workshop is for YOU!!!
May 12th 3:30-6pm

When starting yoga, you may feel overwhlemed as the teacher starts calling out poses, and sometimes not even in English, as you focus just trying to keep up but may not feel like you're doing the pose as it is intended. Sometimes some of the poses that may seem "beginner" or like they should be easy are anything but! Even in the most "simple" of poses, the body is doing so many different things to bring it self into a safe shape helpful alignment.

This workshop will focus on a really slow, detailed, and in-depth break down of basic yoga asanas (postures). We will break down each posture and talk about what each part of the body is doing and why. We will refine chaturanga dandasana and practice various variations and modifications to find what suits our body and our practice best as well cover how we transition safely from pose to pose with mindfulness.

After this workshop, you will leave with way more confidence to step onto your mat knowing you are in control of your movements with mindfulness and precision to maintain a safe and healthy pratice.

All levels welcome!! Great for beginners, those who are new to yoga, and those wanting to refine their practice.

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May, 11 2018
Cost $35
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